Essence And Influence Of Fashion

Fashion in the broadest sense of the word is referred to a certain period and generally accepted at this stage relating to the outward forms of culture, to the lifestyle and customs of serving and table manners, cars, clothes existed in a certain era. However, the use of the word, by which we always mean a reason, an understandable desire for change in all forms of cultural expression, more traditionally refers to changes in clothing style. The historical development of human clothing is inextricably linked to fashion and usually equated to it, indeed.

Legalizing Marijuana

In recent years, there has been pressure on state legislatures throughout the United States to decriminalize or legalize possession and use of cannabis. This has also been in relation to passing laws that permit smoking of the cannabis plant also known as weed, reefers, Mary Jane, joint, pot, ganja, grass and marijuana for prescribed medical purposes known as medical marijuana. An analytical aspect of marijuana legalization is on its effect on the supply and demand. Prohibition imposes a risk on marijuana consumption and production. Legalization minimises this risk. As more growers switch to the crop, jobs will be created and demand and supply is predicted to surge. However, the government can regulate increase in supply by imposing a sizable tax on production, which would increase production cost and control demand.


Often confused for a religion, Buddhism dates back to two thousand five hundred years ago. The word originates from the word ‘budhi’ which means the, ‘to awaken’ (Brian white, ‘buddhanet basic Buddhist guide’). This tradition known considered a philosophy is attributed to an Indian prince known as Siddhartha Gautama who at the age of thirty five years was ‘awakened’ and was identified as the Buddha from then onwards. His realization was as a result of him growing weary of a life at the palace and he wanted to go out and discover spiritual understanding. From being a mere tradition in India, the Buddhism practice has spread all over the world and is now practiced by over three hundred million people worldwide.

History of Punk Rock

Those who are interested in Punk Rock should know that this is more than a simple music genre, it is actually a lifestyle, and right now it has more than 30 years of history. The statistics show that the history keeps writing itself, and in the future there will be many more pages to read about this music. Among all the hobbies, music is the only one that can be practiced in any moment, shaping perfectly upon one’s mood, and reflecting someone’s personality. People like listening to punk music because it is actually a genre that has strong messages, making them think about the real situation of the current world. Those who wish to understand music should focus on punk rock, which will offer them the opportunity to learn more about their favorite genre.