How Fast Food Addiction Leads to Obesity

Both children and adults nowadays are all indulged in different fast food meals. There are times when experts mention the habit of people being indulged in these kinds of food as an addiction, which leads to obesity. Though eating some may not be a bad thing to try, making it a habit to eat from food chains are starting to be the cause why there is an increasing percentage of people who are now included in the obese category. Continue reading “How Fast Food Addiction Leads to Obesity” »

Why Experts Ought to Conduct Animal Testing

Due to the increasing advancements in technology, there are now many experts who are continuously creating different experiments for the sake of mankind and are using animals to test its effectiveness. But with the awareness of people with animal testing, most of them are against the fact that experts need to put several animals’ lives at risk just to test the effectiveness of their experiments Continue reading “Why Experts Ought to Conduct Animal Testing” »


Religion is a fundamental feature of any society. Religion is considered something divine or sacred. Religion is a unified system of beliefs and practices that are considered to be profane and sacred. They explain the right and the wrong and set the differences between forbidden and the un-forbidden and these entire combined together make up the religion. (Durkheim 1912) Continue reading “Religion” »

History of Music

Music has been the part of mankind since the dawn of time. The music we have today has gone through many changes and evolutions and has been molded in many ways. The music in the past was different and the music in the future will be different. The latest forms of music include dub step and beat boxing. In the beginning of time, music was identified by the sounds of nature like the chirping of the bird and the sound of droplets. Soon instruments were used as a means of music and now body parts are also used for music. However, we will be focusing on the history of music and how it came to be. Continue reading “History of Music” »

Celebrity Biography

One of the main iconic celebrities today is Neil Patrick Harris, the character who played the legendary Barney Stinson in the show ‘How I met your mother’. The show is one of the most watched shows of all time and Neil’s character is one of the best and loved characters of the show. Continue reading “Celebrity Biography” »