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How Fast Food Addiction Leads to Obesity

Both children and adults nowadays are all indulged in different fast food meals. There are times when experts mention the habit of people being indulged in these kinds of food as an addiction, which leads to obesity. Though eating some may not be a bad thing to try, making it a habit to eat from food chains are starting to be the cause why there is an increasing percentage of people who are now included in the obese category. Continue reading “How Fast Food Addiction Leads to Obesity” »

History of Music

Music has been the part of mankind since the dawn of time. The music we have today has gone through many changes and evolutions and has been molded in many ways. The music in the past was different and the music in the future will be different. The latest forms of music include dub step and beat boxing. In the beginning of time, music was identified by the sounds of nature like the chirping of the bird and the sound of droplets. Soon instruments were used as a means of music and now body parts are also used for music. However, we will be focusing on the history of music and how it came to be. Continue reading “History of Music” »

Celebrity Biography

One of the main iconic celebrities today is Neil Patrick Harris, the character who played the legendary Barney Stinson in the show ‘How I met your mother’. The show is one of the most watched shows of all time and Neil’s character is one of the best and loved characters of the show. Continue reading “Celebrity Biography” »

Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue!

Present super power, the United States of America was not the same when Columbus stepped in the land there in fourteen hundred nineteen ninety two. The Western Europe launched its voyage campaigns buy famous tourists like Columbus in search of the easiest ways to reach Asia through west. Columbus a Portuguese tourist sailed through the Atlantic Ocean and reached in the West of India the present Am Erica. The history of this land is enriched with interesting stories, miseries of slaves, beginning of industrial revolution and witnesses the evidence of evolution of industrial capitalism from this Land. The Unites States of America was colonized by the English, Portuguese, Spanish and other European Nations. The natives of the area known as red Indians were passed through many troubles. Continue reading “Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue!” »

Movie Review: A Beautiful Mind

“It is only in the mysterious equations of love that any logic or reasons can be found.” (John Nash)

Love has the power to change the lives of people for good and this is what “A Beautiful Mind” has depicted through the life story of John Forbes Nash – a Nobel Laureate who won the Nobel Prize in 1994 for his game theory given in the field of Economics. Although a genius but still suffering from schizophrenia – Nash showed us all how the support of your loved ones can enhance your willpower to live a complete and fulfilling life. Nash’s determination to fight his condition without any medicine and with realistic goals can prove to be a very useful example for those patients who want to improve their conditions as well. “A Beautiful Mind” calls upon the very common and enigmatic issue of schizophrenia that has led common people to dwell in the deep caves of psychology for a long time. Continue reading “Movie Review: A Beautiful Mind” »