Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue!

Present super power, the United States of America was not the same when Columbus stepped in the land there in fourteen hundred nineteen ninety two. The Western Europe launched its voyage campaigns buy famous tourists like Columbus in search of the easiest ways to reach Asia through west. Columbus a Portuguese tourist sailed through the Atlantic Ocean and reached in the West of India the present Am Erica. The history of this land is enriched with interesting stories, miseries of slaves, beginning of industrial revolution and witnesses the evidence of evolution of industrial capitalism from this Land. The Unites States of America was colonized by the English, Portuguese, Spanish and other European Nations. The natives of the area known as red Indians were passed through many troubles.

They were said to be barbarians and uncivilized. The European Nations tried their best to exploit these peoples on the name of teaching them of livings. The fifteenth century Europe considered himself one of the most civilized continents of the world. They tried all the brutal techniques like cruelty, warfare, massacre and slave trade to deprive the Americans from their land, resources and other basic rights.

The land was colonized buy Europeans and then developed by the blood of slaves. These slaves were traded from Africa to Carrabian, South America and then North America. Much of developments in the modern Europe and also in the America are because of the Atlantic Slave trade bad conditions of slavery that led the humans to take work from their fellow beings just like animals. With the passage of time in the late sixties and early seventies the colonists in America started realizing that they were discriminated form the Europe? They launched campaigns and moments to liberate themselves from the European rule. Although himself were Europeans but after passing time in America as colonists they started considering themselves separate from the Europeans and demanded independence from the Europe for an American nation. After number of civil wars and movements Ame5ica became independent in July 1776.

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