History of Music

Music has been the part of mankind since the dawn of time. The music we have today has gone through many changes and evolutions and has been molded in many ways. The music in the past was different and the music in the future will be different. The latest forms of music include dub step and beat boxing. In the beginning of time, music was identified by the sounds of nature like the chirping of the bird and the sound of droplets. Soon instruments were used as a means of music and now body parts are also used for music. However, we will be focusing on the history of music and how it came to be.


Music started with noise. Noises were the beginning of the attraction of music. They were put together in a rhythmic pattern to form music. Different noises were merged together to form different tones. Then the pitch was discovered and it was used on special occasions. High and low pitch is still used in modern day music. The ancient people developed strings and practiced music on them. They also used body parts for different sounds.

Furthermore, natural harmony was the main form of music. Nature was what introduced them the music and helped them discover it (Burney 2010). Nature had no rhythm or a pattern but was merely a form of noise but it was merged together into a specific pattern and was turned into music. Music was the main form of entertainment in the old times. Blowing horn in ceremonies and to warn of danger explains how music was used. Hence, nature was the starting point for music and later small instruments, different tones and body parts gave rise to music.

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