Movie Review – Divergent

Divergent is a new movie that became very popular even from the first week of its apparition, its popularity being enhanced by the series of books written by Veronica Roth. The main character is a young and powerful girl who lives in a dystopian world imagined by the author. Until now the plot seems very familiar, and it is not the first time that a franchise has a powerful feminine leading character in the center of the action, where the battle for life is harsher than ever. As you well know, we live in a time of dystopian novels, and even if there are similar stories, it all comes down to comparing apples and pears.

The movie surprises with its verisimilar version of Chicago that seems quite real, presenting a world divided in factions according to each individual’s personality. This is actually a catchy movie theme that allows an interesting turn of the events. The main character is Tris, and without even knowing, she is more powerful than she can realize. The twist comes in the moment when Tris finds out that she is actually a Divergent and she can’t fit in any faction since she has qualities from all the factions.

Being especially written for teenagers, the books were very successful, and the first movie seems very promising. The movie starts Shailene Woodley as Tris and Theo James as Four, but honestly the name of Kate Winslet had its echo, and even if she has a small part, her presence adds class to the movie. There seems to be a chemistry between the main characters and this is a good thing, and even if the sex-appeal of Theo James attracted many young teenage girls, the actor managed to prove his acting abilities, which are more important than the looks, especially if he wants to follow a career at Hollywood.

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The movie has been a great success in the box office, and therefore there will be released the other parts in the following years, and just like other teenage book adaptations, the last book will be divided in two separate movies. Reading famous chronicles and some other reviews of this movie, the general opinion is good, even though not quite great.

At the cinema it was a pleasant experience, and it caused a collective sigh at one particular scene, and after that moment everyone began to laugh. The audience seemed thrilled at the end of the movie, and overall I enjoyed to watch it with my friends. I highly recommend it to any teenage girl, but also young adults who are looking for a science-fiction movie with a great romance plot. Hopefully the next movie will be more compact, since now the audience is familiar with this dystopian world, and therefore they won’t have to lose too much time presenting the characters and the world. For those who want to find out the details of the story I recommend the book that presents a more accurate version.

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