Role of Media in Politics

With the advancements in media technology, internet news is playing such an important role changing the working styles, conversing with the social and political environment and changing the way of political campaigner’s gross campaigns. It is no secret that internet provides a political ground to the campaigners that can help them get results, before participating in the elections, in the form of survey. The internet news boost up the political race; however internet reports politically affiance the people of all ages including mature and adult individuals so that they come to acquire the most recent proceedings (Raisinghani, 2011).

Tea party is the way where political persons share their vision and strategies in the same place. The politician’s share their apparition toward social issues and make population aware through their plans for better solution by taking part in tea parties and allowing the media to report their activities. The political person identifies previous execution flaws and provides better solutions while gathering at the common place; reporting their activities on social media or television, the media contributors play an important role. For the sake of interaction through different political thoughts, the updates regarding social interaction activities are posted on media network (Farrell, 2012).

The newspaper also plays an effective role in political ground; an exploration between negative and positive criticism has been set up in the news papers. It is the way to reach the large pools of voters and it is a tactician geometric approach that helps to attract large number of audience through news paper. It effects the population in such a way that largest part of readers goes to opinion polls on the day of election (Cox, 2013).

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In recent times, there are number of online news sources that work effectively for political revelation. The online medium that conveys political awareness named as twitter, news blogs and face-book. Through these online mediums enables the political groups to interact with each other and convey their political messages. In addition, politicians wish to convey their political solutions and strategies through online social media as Google. The information conveyed through Google is all-inclusive; up-to-date information has been conveyed through Google news. The valuable Google user place their political views through social media and their views are considered as important as they should be. Hence, a range of choices are available for the politicians to run their campaigns and remain engaged in different activities at national and international level, through advanced media and technology.


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