Weight loss medications: is it a risk worth taking?

Many people who have issues with weight always tend to go for shortcuts. Rather than committing themselves to an exercise program and a healthy diet, they prefer easier methods like taking medication or surgery. However, the question that everyone needs to ask is, ‘are these weight loss methods worth using?’ It is true that using them will help you lose a few pounds, but the side effects are not usually part of the decision making process. The article ‘side effects of weight-loss drugs’ by Leign Anderson tries to discuss the various side effects associated with the use of weight loss medications. The article was posted in the webpage.

According to the article, weight loss drugs are not only associated with side effects but many also result to drug dependence and abuse. It goes ahead to give examples of some of the drugs that have been associated with dangerous side effects. Fen-Phen a weight loss drug that contains Fenfluramine was associated with lung and heart problems and due to these side effects; the drug was removed from the market. Sibutramine was also removed from the United States market in the year 2010 due to its association with an increase in rates of heart attacks and stroke among its users. The article also looks at other drugs and the side effects associated with each. Among the side effects are birth defects for expectant mothers who use these drugs, liver injuries, insomnia, dependence, constipation and other stomach problems, potential abuse of drugs among others. On stopping the use of these drugs, users suffer from various withdrawal effects, and they regain weight rapidly.

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This article is written by a professional in the area of pharmaceutical and its credibility cannot be doubted. The fact that he bases his conclusions on information from the National Institutes of Health makes the article a reliable source of information. With all these risks involved in using a weight loss drug, it would be better to use other healthy weight loss methods such as exercise and proper diets. It is not worth taking the risk.

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