Why Experts Ought to Conduct Animal Testing

Due to the increasing advancements in technology, there are now many experts who are continuously creating different experiments for the sake of mankind and are using animals to test its effectiveness. But with the awareness of people with animal testing, most of them are against the fact that experts need to put several animals’ lives at risk just to test the effectiveness of their experiments

On the experts’ side, most of them are using animals for testing their experiments as it is impossible for them to take any human as their specimens for testing. Given that specimens are used for learning the effects of every newly discovered cure or formulation once it is applied or taken, experts are not trying to risk the lives of any human. They choose animals as they believe that whatever effects their discoveries are to animals will be the same with humans.

But with many arguments, there are now laws that limit or prohibit scientists to make use of animals for their experiments and just prevent the increasing number of animals dying because of unsure tests. Many experts are following these laws and there are also others who disregard it.

Though many people find this kind of testing unreliable and appalling, more and more products released in the market are released after the formulations are tested on animals. In fact, there are more products nowadays are tested on animals just to prove its efficiency on curing different illnesses and even be used as ultimate solution for severe health conditions.

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