Religion is a fundamental feature of any society. Religion is considered something divine or sacred. Religion is a unified system of beliefs and practices that are considered to be profane and sacred. They explain the right and the wrong and set the differences between forbidden and the un-forbidden and these entire combined together make up the religion. (Durkheim 1912)

Symbols of the Three Monotheistic Religions

There are many different types of religion that exist today. The major religions today are Christianity, Islam and Hinduism. There are many religions and many new religions are found. They could be new religious movements, cults or denominations. There is also a rise in those people who do not believe in the existence of god or any religion and are called ‘atheists’.

However, religion has become more of a dividing force in today’s world. Constant wars are waged and many times, religion is the reason. Many disagreements exist today and have never been resolved because of the differences in religion. Example of such a disagreement is war between Palestine and Israel.

The most important feature to realize is that the fundamental teachings of every religion is the same. Every religion has the same basic teachings. Every religion asks their followers to be kind, to be generous and charitable, to pray to the Lord, to be merciful, to lead their lives the right way and abstain from sins. Even the right and wrong are the same. The sins defined in every religion are the same, like murder, adultery and murder. If the followers adhered to the basic teachings of their religion and use these teachings to base their feelings, then people from different religions can come to common understanding and this would resolve conflicts and will promote peace.

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