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One of the main iconic celebrities today is Neil Patrick Harris, the character who played the legendary Barney Stinson in the show ‘How I met your mother’. The show is one of the most watched shows of all time and Neil’s character is one of the best and loved characters of the show.

He was born in 1973 and other than just being an actor; he is also a singer, producer and a director. However, Neil was a child star and started his career at 15. He performed in the drama ‘Clara’s heart’ and won the Golden Globe nomination at such an early age. All of his projects were highly successful. From an early age, he embraced his calling and put his talents to good use and turned out to be very successful. His various achievements put light on his shining career like the fact that he has his own star on the walk of fame.

For his show, ‘How I met your mother’, he was nominated for the prestigious Emmy awards. Other than being good at acting, Neil is also a magician and has performed on many different shows. He performed special magic tricks in ‘Ellen DeGeneres’ show in 2010.

Neil played as a womanizer on the show, however, in reality he is actually a homosexual. In 2006, he announced his homosexuality and embraced it proudly. He was engaged to another star, David Burtka in 2007 and also has two kids with him from a surrogate mother. He got engaged to David in 2011 when marriage became legal. He lives in a townhouse with his kids and husbands in Harlem and enjoys a very happy and a successful life.

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