Movie Review: A Beautiful Mind

“It is only in the mysterious equations of love that any logic or reasons can be found.” (John Nash)

Love has the power to change the lives of people for good and this is what “A Beautiful Mind” has depicted through the life story of John Forbes Nash – a Nobel Laureate who won the Nobel Prize in 1994 for his game theory given in the field of Economics. Although a genius but still suffering from schizophrenia – Nash showed us all how the support of your loved ones can enhance your willpower to live a complete and fulfilling life. Nash’s determination to fight his condition without any medicine and with realistic goals can prove to be a very useful example for those patients who want to improve their conditions as well. “A Beautiful Mind” calls upon the very common and enigmatic issue of schizophrenia that has led common people to dwell in the deep caves of psychology for a long time.

Schizophrenia has always been a hot topic for the non-psychology people and they have tried to unravel its mysteries through different portals. Movies also serve as one such way to amalgamate the complicated psychological concepts with dramatic texture so that non-psychology people can understand those concepts easily. Ron Howard has also tried the same thing with schizophrenia through “A Beautiful Mind.”

The movie shows an in-depth analysis into the fragmentation of the life that a schizophrenic has to spend. The richness of friendship and the yearning to do something unusual in life has been shown to be the main concern in the schizophrenic mind of Nash. Thus the saying that psychologically disturbed people can never do good to themselves or to the world is clearly negated here. Think for a moment! How will you feel if you come to know that your best friend never existed in actual reality, that everything you believed in was an illusion and that you are not normal like the people around you? Watch “A Beautiful Mind” and you will see how these things affect one’s life and how one can overcome their effects.

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